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Name Design Doesn't Have to Be Difficult or Complicated! It Should Be Nice、easy-rememble & suits you​

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Many foreigners who like Chinese culture always have a headache when choosing Chinese names. Sometimes they use Chinese names that are not suitable for their names or repetitive.
We had helped many foreign friends to find their suitable Chinese names. These names are not only easy to remember but also nice to listen to. Self-introduction can also make others an excellent impression when you have a nice Chinese name.


Take The Chinese name and in-depth travel consultation

For foreigners who like Chinese culture, design a Chinese name suitable for their own style and a beautiful Chinese name seal.

At the same time, it provides people who travel to China, introduces local customs, and provides in-depth travel and consulting services

Every Space Count

A few simple steps to get a Nice Chinese name

Tell us your original name

Please tell us your original name, we will refer to the design of the Chinese name based on the original name.

simple questions

We designed a few simple questions based on personality, constellation, gender, preferences, was to design a name that suits you


After the payment is completed, the professional staff will send you the E-MAIL Chinese name within 24 hours based on the information you provide and will provide a Chinese seal according to your choice and mail it to your designated location.


What Our Clients Say

Customer evaluation after receiving service

"I Highly recommend this seller, very accommodating especially during the process. Give me a nice Chinese name and own myself Seal. Thank u very much!"
Clyde Bristow
"The service quality of taking the Chinese name is really good! Since taking the Chinese name, 3 seals have been engraved with this Chinese name"
"Professional service, get a good-sounding and memorable Chinese name in less than a day. Even my Chinese teacher feels incredible."
Smith T.