The longest Chinese name in the world

Longest name

the Chinese name of a typical Chinese is about 2-4 words, and the names of other Chinese names may be up to 25 words.

The longest name of the Chinese has three different situations:

First, the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, the name of Fu Lin, was up to 25 words: “Li Tian Long Yun Ding-Ding Jian Ji Ying Rui Qin Wen Xian Wu Da De Hong Gong to Ren Chun Xiao Zhang Emperor” This is the main topic of China’s unique official class Ayi Emperor One of them is also the accumulation of aunty technology.

The name of the third Dalai Lama is the longest name in a multi-language language. There are 13 Chinese characters: “The Holy Spirit is all the Dalai Lama Lada Lama.” Among them: the Holy Spirit is all Chinese, and the Chivalda is Sanskrit. It means the Buddha Buddha; the Dalai Lama is Mongolian, meaning the sea; the Lama is Tibetan, meaning the Guru. This is the starting name of the 1890 Mongolian Tumut chief, Khan Khan, who gave the third Dalai Lama to Najia.

The Emperor Qianlong once named a minister, with 12 Chinese characters: “Elezhe Yimu Muer Erke Babai” This is taken from Mongolian, meaning “blessed and prosperous is as strong as iron and rare and precious” He is the king of walking before the royal family.

Of course, there are other situations in modern times.

What is the longest name in China? I don’t know when to name the child, and there are four words and five words in the name. According to the information published in the domestic identity information, the Chinese name is basically 2 words and 3 words!

But the strange thing is that since China’s longest name can reach 13 words, let’s take a look at China’s longest surname and China’s longest place name.

The longest name of the Chinese is the Hui people. The name is Kudakulu Mara Kolinovsky, and the father is said to be Russian and belongs to mixed blood.

The longest German name: Bernd Ottovordemgentschenfelde.

The longest-known person in the world is the British boy. The translated name is: The dream captain who is faster than the Superman Spider-Man, the Wolverine, and the Giant Hulk, has been approved.

The longest name in the Han population has reached 15 words. There are nearly 1,000 people whose names and words are more than 10 words, of which 594 are for 10 characters, 272 for 11-word names, 94 for 12-word names, 13-name names and 14-character names are 33 respectively. People and 5 people.

According to statistics, 97% of the nearly 1,000 people with more than 10 words in the Han nationality are in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

One of the longest names in China is called “Naranbus Butai Prague”, a total of 10 words, near the border between China and Mongolia, in the northwestern part of Gansu Province.

If you add the administrative names in front of each place, the longest place in China is “Shijiafen Village, Bingmatan Town, Zhajiashan Town, Baoshan Mountain, Baoanshan Autonomous Prefecture, Gansu Province”, how many words, count yourself go with.

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